Saki-chan Universe

Rianax: Another Saki-chan drabble. Inari and the female mind.


Inari was not sure when he fell from being uncomfortably /polite/ around Saki-san to trusting her as his highest source into the fathoms of the female mind. He imagines it was probably between the forced knitting lessons by Gai-sensei (he is working on a nice scarf for his grandfather) and the second invitation from the girl across the hall to have dinner which was rather flattering except she was dressed up as Pochi-kun, the blue penguin from the Poka Poko Pochi manga, and carelessly juggling a pair of short swords.

First lesson on moving to Konoha: adapt or die (or at learn to lie low until the crazy shit passes over.)

Still, Inari found that as much as he adores his friend and childhood hero Naruto's crossdressing and somewhat delusional signifigant other was actually the sanest and kindest of Naruto's circle of aquiantances. Asking potiental relationship advice from Sakura-san (the only one of older girls he felt somewhat comfortable confiding in)had been a complete and utter disaster with Sakura-san squealing over his finding 'love at last' and letting his interest in his cute coworker being publicly passed out like latest edition of Icha Icha Paradise via the ninja grapevine, leading cute Akemi-san's boyfriend to engage in a series of long polite conservations with Inari. After that, Saki-san was much easier to talk to and confide in.

Even if she was starting to hint that maybe Inari should look in om his cosplaying neighbor and ask if she was willing to do some custon work for a maid's outfit.

Second lesson on living in Konoha: it really is better not to ask.