For Ukikaito. "girlKyuubi and boyNaruto try (in their own ways) to comfort girlNaruto/each other after a failed attempt to bring (girl?)Sasuke back."


She'd heard that girls were wired for crying, and boys for getting angry, that it was biology. It was a load of bull. She'd been the first to punch a tree. And Naruhiko was crying just as much as she was.

It wasn't even the first time, was the worst thing. It wasn't even the first time she (they) found Sasuke and he refused to come with them, and he said things that made him feel a million miles away, like he was never coming home, like he wasn't her Sasuke anymore, like that Sasuke was dead and gone and nothing she could do would ever change a thing.

She could hear Naruhiko a few steps away, breath hitching, face turned away. They'd curled up the same way, crouched on the ground, hugging their knees. It was no comfort. The thought poked at the edge of her mind that she might be able to get away with going to him for a hug, that maybe it might help, but the biggest part of her didn't think it would make it hurt any less, and it would make it even more shameful. She didn't give a damn who might see her cry, fuck them all, but if anyone acknowledged it with their pity she might get pissed, and she didn't think Naruhiko would be any different.

She'd never had anyone to cry on, anyway. She didn't miss it at all.

"Stop leaking," Kyuubi snarled. Naruto growled back, and didn't uncurl.

"Not helping, Kyuubi," Naruhiko said, muffled against his knees.

Kyuubi kicked something, but she didn't say anything else. Naruto went right back to thinking about Sasuke's cold eyes and the way he'd looked at the three of them and just turned away. Goddamnit.

"Let's fuck," said Kyuubi. Naruto choked on a raw, nose-drippy laugh.

"Let's not," she replied, breath hitching when she attempted to bring it under control.

Naruhiko rubbed at his face with his sleeve, uncurled a bit. Naruto let out a shaky sigh and sat herself on the ground so that his knee almost touched her side, looked up.

Kyuubi was standing there, her back almost turned, fists clenched and shoulders tense and anything but sultry or inviting. Anything but push-you-down-and-fuck-you-raw offended-angry, either.

"C'mere," Naruto said, and held out her hand to her. "Let's make out," she lied, because if she said hug or cuddle she might have another fight on her hands, and right now... right now...

"Who'd want to, with your face all drippy and red like this?" Kyuubi said, but she flopped between them anyway, all stiff and bristly, defensive. Hurt, except she didn't have the words, so maybe she didn't even know it.

"Next time," Naruhiko said, as he shuffled a little closer. Naruto sniffled a last time and nodded.

Kyuubi was muttering something about shaking down Ino-chan for strap-ons. "Oh god," Naruhiko groaned, legs crossing, uncomfortable. Naruto rubbed her eyes dry and giggled a little bit. She was sure later she'd blush at the thought, feel a little bad for pushing Naruhiko's straight-boy buttons...

"Well, he can't run away if he can't walk a straight line, yanno?"

Kyuubi gave her a long, surprised, considering look, and then started smirking.