For Anon.

Introspection/Boobs Envy

It's funny that when she was a kid and flat as a board, her sexy no jutsu was pretty much what she hoped she would grow into. Now that she's sixteen, she has curves, not as much as she hoped -- nothing like the incredible, sensual perfection of a hourglass figure and full breasts, but still really nice.

Kyuubi, of course, has those curves somehow. The world is unfair. It doesn't look pneumatic either, airbrushed perfection ; it looks heavy and soft, something real, that your hands want to touch.

She's reclining on Naruto's bed and spilling out of Naruto's bra, the straps pulled taut. Naruto kind of wants to bite her.

When Naruto-kun walks in and then promptly gets a nosebleed, she locks him on the balcony and pull the drapes on him, and she tries to remind herself that it's kinda messed up to be jealous of your clone because your other clone didn't look twice at your clothed chest.

She knows leaving them behind wouldn't be fair -- if it worked at all. Still for a moment she wishes she could go sleep over at Sakura's.