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Art: Teamwork

Teamwork is a Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura threesome fic-verse. It also boasts a crapload of original characters in supporting roles.


team 7
recolored version of previous pic.
With potential future, random kids.
What I see Sakura wearing in TW3
Sakura's outfit from above. XD;
Sakura + one of her children (which? who knows.) ...No, he/she isn't Gaara's kid. XD Mmm manga genetics.
Preggy cuddles ;.;
Potential scene in TW3 (in the end it didn't hapen quite like that, but anyway.)
NEW Kyuunaru/Sakura evilsmut.
NEW Team 7 during the tournament.
NEW Sakura and baby sketch. (nudity)
NEW Team 7 topless, pregnant Sakura -- warning for boobies!

Original Characters

Haruno Yukihiro and Hana, Sakura's parents.
Three-tailed fox summon.
Jin, Kigane, Beni - Konoha's Team Kunoichi
Team Kunoichi + a random Rock kunoichi.
Hyuuga Hanabi + teammate Yamanaka Inoru, Ino's cousin
Uchiha Aoru, third child of Team Seven, 14 year old.
1 OC art meme, in four parts.
2 Kon, Zenko and Maneki are a Grass Genin team.
3 Tebanashi is a Konoha chuunin who only appeared in as yet unpublished sidefic.


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