Steal : AU

Basically, "forgiveness and permission" with Kegarr as a woman.

Motherly Instincts

"Okay. So. Imagine you're a guy."

The look she throws him is full of the disdain of a woman who has sweated blood for years to gain entry in one of the most elite fighters' clubs in the world. He winces. Between the guys who can only see her as 'just one of the guys' anymore and the people who call her a bulldyke, his question must seem right at home.

"I'm saying that because I need advice for me! And you're a woman so you wouldn't, er, I mean, I doubt it would happen. Not the same way."

She gives a long sigh and takes a drag, lets the smoke escape through her set teeth. "Ah, imagining I suddenly have a dick would help me figure out your brain. You know, in most guys the little head downstairs isn't supposed to be the main one."

"Imagine you got someone pregnant," he barks out, reddening already.


"Like, it happened a couple years ago and now they come around and hey there, surprise, you're a daddy. Can you imagine you're that?"

"God," she groans. But she stubs her cigarette and she turns to him. When she speaks next she's serious and a little wry. "Thank god and Shinra for the pill, but seriously this is making me want to get my tubes tied. Okay, way too late for abortion... What does she want? Booze? Money? A matching sibling? Bit off more than she could chew, and now she needs a free babysitter?"

"She's dying," Zack says abruptly. "Her dad's a pedophile and he's the only family she has left."


"She can't let him have the kid," he says, more quietly, voice breaking.

"No, of course not," Kegarr answers, and briefly her voice goes quiet and sad. "But daddy has a career he can't leave, huh. Or you'd be long gone already."

And it hurts, that she might assume that of him -- but she's right too, he loves his job, he likes his life as it is now and leaving might not be a choice at all but it still hurts.

"Your parents are still alive, yeah? Maybe you oughta give them a call. They can't get you back but maybe they'd be good with getting their grandchild instead."

"No," he protests, "no, I'm asking you -- if it was you."

"Boy," she says. "I'm not you."

She lights up another cigarette. She's sorry for him, but her answer doesn't shift at all.

"I wouldn't even consider leaving at all, if I were."