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Original Fiction

Random stuff my brain throws out. Any of these stories might be taken offline without notice if I ever decide to attempt to sell 'em for publication, but so far I'm too lazy to try it. XD; (Still copyrighted to me either way, though. Just because I choose to make it available for free doesn't mean I'm waiving my rights to any of it. Do not repost either under your name or mine (if I want it reposted, i'll repost it myself, thanks), do not attempt to publish, etcetera.)

Mermaids...IN SPACE!

Mermaids... in Space!!

(working title. XD; )
Story: A few centuries ago, the civilization that genetically engineered pseudo-mermaids failed, letting them fall into primitive nomadism. Now the water-world is rediscovered -- by scientists, by space scavengers, and by greedy corporations. The story of Lìadan the mermaid, Arun the marine biologist, and Blue the space pirate.
Genre: Scifi, action/adventure, psychic powers, worldbuilding.
(no clue if there will be pairings in the story, but for the record one of the guys is straight and the other one bisexual, and the girl was raised in a culture that doesn't see sexual orientation the same binary way we would.)
Status: very much in progress.

Prologue (Liadan)
Chapter 1 (Liadan)
Chapter 2 (Blue)

Character pictures for reference purpose:
The three main characters + Corporation guys (swimsuit version~)
Blue's pirate crew (chibi version~)

Space Mermaid sidefics/crackfics

Quite a lot of them aren't going to be canon; I'm mostly writing quick little stories to get used to the characters' voices and the way they interact with each other. A lot of these scenes will not happen in the story.

-Genderbending Crack : Why you should not eat strange alien plants. No, seriously, they'll give you boobies.

-TestDrive Drabbles : Characters: Mostly the main trio, with a couple of other characters mentions. Themes: Introduction - Innocence - Drive - Gray - Questioning - Vacation - Cat - Flowers - Stars - Fairly Tale - Mirror - Relaxation.

-Spin The Bottle ficlets: So I wanted to write kissing ficlets with my ofic cast. But who with who?! And the answer was, AT RANDOM.
----Alind/Khiaw, Rain
----Arun/Oriana, Surprise
----Blue/Khiaw, mistletoe
----Blue/Lìadan, Nets
----Oriana/Vartan, Food
----Darel/Dhaval's ferret, Sick
----Lujayn/Oriana, Birthday

-Adrift : Blue and Arun alone on a raft, staring at the sky. Telepathy and other issues.

-Teasing : Alind teases Vartan about Oriana. Or tries to.

10 Alternate Universes : Blue : (like the title says. Contains Blue/Liadan and Blue/Arun)

Breanna & James, BFFs forever

(Also working title. I suck at titles.)
Story: Cranky businessman James Turner wakes at the hospital. What the hell is that cheerleader ditz doing at his bedside? Wait -- counselor for what?
Genre: Urban fantasy~ hohoho.
Status: Oneshot? Or is it in progress? If it deigns give me more, dunno how many chapters it's gonna be.

Chapter 1


(Yet another working title. I REALLY suck at titles.)
Story: "Tyr Andersen hadn't set out to build a hostel for Black Ops vets. He wasn't too sure how it had turned out like this." Lieutenant Andersen survives the war against Homo superior. He's not sure he's going to survive the experimental treatment they gave him to even the playing field, but he's willing to wait and see. Now why does his brand new mess of a house keep filling with people? And how did such a socially impaired person as he end up in charge of an ever-growing number of people?
Fair warning -- this story started life as a sequel to a Gundam Wing fanfic. So far this is still the first draft, and, especially if you have read my GW fic Garou, it shows.
Genre: Urban fantasy (kept rather low-key. Well, apart from the werewolves.) Divergent history.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


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