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Fandom essays

Well, essays... You gotta say it fast. Mostly it's just rants and rambles about the stuff that bothers me in fandom. Often I try to be funny, sometimes I just sound bitchy, but most of the time I do work on staying fair and on respecting other people's opinons. (so long as they're not full of sh* -- um... Yeah. u.u)

Of course, I have my own personal biases; I see yaoi hints everywhere, for one thing. But I don't purposefully ignore canon when it doesn't conform to my wishes, and I always try to remember that even the characters I personally dislike have fans who really don't want to hear them badmouthed, and that my personal feelings for a character are not other characters' feelings for that character. (for example: I love Sasuke. Lovelovelove Sasuke. Pretty sure bet he's not Tsunade's favorite person, because he's hurting Naruto and Sakura and he has a rather unfortunate tendency to remind her of Orochimaru. She's perfectly justified in feeling that.)


Tips for Beginning Writers...
if I wasn't too lazy to can the snark and just be helpful, that is.

On Alternate Universes...
...and their pitfalls.

Show, Don't Tell
my very unprofessional interpretation of it, at least. Yay writing tips.

Naruto-Fandom specific

So You Want to Write IC!Naruto
What I noticed about how Uzumaki Naruto behaves in the anime, and the numerous ways fanwriters have of fucking it up. :p

Naruto Team Dynamics
On Team Seven, Eight, Ten and Team Gai, and why you shouldn't mix them up at random. (more of a ramble than a rant)

No, Sasuke Is Not Going To Have To Die
My personal opinion on why Sasuke does not have to die to redeem himself and why he isn't evil. (or not eviler than he was when he refused to kill Naruto for power, at least.)

NaruSasuSaku Manifesto NEW
Come to the Team Seven OT7 side of the force~


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