For Jedera: Neji, Naruto and wardrobe malfunction. And crack. Mmm, crack.

Wardrobe Malfunction

They just need a distraction. Amazons, though, don't DO distracted. And Neji and Naruto aren't committing the mistake of thinking that being girls, they would be less dangerous -- their own Godaime is, after all, very much a woman.
They leap into the fray, kunai flashing, attempting to scare off more than to kill -- the amazons are only trying to capture them for now, but if there was even one death, they'd track the ninjas down to the ends of the earth.

There are punches thrown and arrows and blades whizzing around, but amazingly, no one gets hurt much, save maybe a few bruises. Dodging and weaving through the crowd, Naruto and Neji make it almost all the way through the melee.

And then they get surrounded.

Classical stand-off -- Neji and Naruto almost back to back, the warrior women circling them. There are only a few left toward the exit, and if they rush them, they can go through -- but the hand signals they flash each other say the same thing. They need a distraction, just one second...

Naruto's waistband snaps, and in the sudden, stunned silence, his pants rustle unnaturally loudly as they pool on his feet.

He goes commando, by the way.

Most amazons have never seen any males but the ones they watch over -- pampered, despised weaklings -- and the bandits hanging around the area -- usually hairy and messily scarred and stinking from ten feet away. Naruto isn't really beefy, nor is he exceptionally slender, but -- well, for one thing, he's a true blond.

A hardened, gray-haired war-horse slaps her hands on her eyes and turns around quickly. There are gasps, of horror or just of surprise.

And then come the catcalls.

Neji throws Naruto over his shoulder and rushes the still blinking small group of women standing between them and the exit, accessorily presenting them with a fine piece of naked ninja ass. They barely remember to dodge; he even has to bowl one of them over.

Naruto is muttering uncomplimentary things under his breath, and hits Neji's back in frustration, but he doesn't ask to be put down before they're well out of range; taking care of his pants right when they're being chased would be stupid. By the way Neji's shoulders twitch a little as he dodges through the trees, Naruto knows that the son of a bitch is trying not to snicker out loud. So glad he can amuse mister Broodalot.

"Just kill me," Naruto mutters as Neji finally stops running to put him down. "What a fucking time for a wardrobe malfunction."

... his waistband, he notices, has been sliced with such precision that it didn't even nick the skin.

With a kunai.

Neji's smirk is bordering on a leer. "Wardrobe malfunction? It functioned exactly like it was meant to."