From my prequel and sequel memes (now closed) where I gave people a few lines of such to previously written stories. Sometimes they make for full ficlets, sometimes not.

Team Bonding Exercise : prequel (suigetsu)

It was funny.

Suigetsu watched Juugo bow his head, lean down to listen to Sasuke's quiet comments, eyes intent on his face. Karin was walking on his other side, sneaking a caress against his sleeve every time she thought she could get away with it. Sasuke kept going, framed by the two of them like he barely noticed they were there, while they both leaned toward him like plants toward the sun.

Yeah, pretty hilarious. The frigid Uchiha had managed to set himself up a team where every single member was after his too-good-for-you ass.

He considered, briefly, whether Sasuke had taken it into account, as a way to keep a hold of them, since they had no common village allegiance to brainwash them into solidarity... Nah. Every move Sasuke made proved he was aware of it; but it also proved how hard he pretended it wasn't there.

None of them was getting any closer to nailing him, either. Suigetsu wasn't sure what got him off, if long-legged girls and big manly guys and pretty boys -- Suigetsu had to admit he was a reasonable facsimile of such -- weren't flipping his switch. Midgets, maybe.

"What are you laughing at, you kappa-bastard?"

It was too bad Karin kept ruining that great ass with her ugly grimaces and screeching voice.

The thought popped in his head then, several thoughts actually, all together. Karin with her mouth full of cock. Sasuke's cock. Keeping her quiet and distracting him, for Suigetsu to... oh. Oh yeah.

He sneaked Juugo a look, measuring him up. Slid his eyes back to Sasuke's ass.

Oh yeah.

Maybe if none of them did it for Sasuke separately, all of them together would.

And even if they didn't, it would be fun.

Grinning, he jogged to catch up.


Teaser Sequel (Karin)

"I want you to have sex with Suigetsu."

Sasuke stared at Karin. Karin stared back, a smouldering, determined look over the rims of her glasses.

"You said 'anything I wanted except sex with you'. Well, fine. That's my second choice."

Suigetsu had barely managed to blurt out a cocky, not-startled-at-all-really "you're so generous! D'you get hit in the head or something" before Karin finished her demands with, "And this time, Sasuke, you top."