Sometimes, Naruto felt tender. Those days, he made love to Sakura, gently, lovingly, playfully -- like she was beautiful and perfect, and those days, she loved him.

Sometimes, Naruto felt passionate. Those days, he fucked a red-eyed Sasuke, grabbed him and fought him until he could force his legs apart -- like he needed him -- like he was an enemy to be conquered, dominated, possessed -- and those days, Sakura hated him. Wanted them. Wanted in.

Sometimes -- rarely -- Naruto felt lazy. Those days, he let Sasuke take him. Sasuke bit and scratched, licked and held him close, eyes closed. Naruto kissed her while Sasuke wanted-needed-loved him. Naruto pulled her under him, and these days she could feel Sasuke's passion, softened through Naruto's love.

She wanted it the other way around.

Sometimes, Naruto felt kinky, and then he watched them. Sasuke wasn't as playful as Naruto was. He always took her face to face, properly. His eyes stayed black. He kissed her mouth, he never bit her neck. She felt protected, cherished. Sort of loved. Maybe. Maybe.

Sometimes -- sometimes she was tired of being the girl, the prize, the precious thing to be protected. Sometimes she wanted in on Naruto's passion, the mad sex and scratching and the lovebites that bled red -- she wanted in on Sasuke's love. Sometimes she wanted a change -- and she changed. She put on Naruto's face, or Sasuke's features, and then she pretended. She knew them well enough that neither of them could tell her apart. And then she let go. And then she had contests with Naruto on who could be wildest, and Sasuke moaned, mewled, pleaded under them -- and then she moved over Naruto, gently, tenderly, lovingly, giving him back what he gave her -- and then Sasuke looked at her with just as much want-need-love as he watched Naruto with -- and she was in between them, and somehow still wanting in.

Sometimes, Sasuke offered Naruto to her. He got him wild, got him crazy -- then watched them, as Naruto fucked her, and then she could see Sasuke's love for them, his love for her, as he shared with her what he needed most in the world. And this -- Naruto's passion, Sasuke's love -- it was all she had ever wanted.

Sometimes, she needed-wanted-loved them both with all the passion and the tenderness she felt and all she had been given, and they needed-wanted-loved her back just as much as each other, and everything was just as she always strived for.