For my dialogue meme on LJ, "Sakura/Hinata, boobs" for Valles Uf. Total fanservice ftw!

Yuri Fanservice


Hinata blinked up at Sakura, and then blinked down at where Sakura was staring -- Hinata's hands, disappearing up her own shirt. "Ah."

"Am I bothering you?" Sakura asked with a strange look on her face.

Hinata blushed beet red and tore her hands out of her t-shirt. "No! No, I wasn't -- Sakura-san! I wouldn't, it's a locker room -- I would never...!"

Sakura giggled behind her hand and stepped in the locker room, closing the door behind her. "I was just teasing you. You didn't look like you were having much fun anyway. Bra problems?"

"Not really, I was just -- I mean -- it aches." Hinata sighed and gave the underside of her breast a discreet rub. "I've been sore all week..."

Sakura opened a locker beside Hinata's and undid the buckles on the side of her skirt. "Your period?"

"No, no..." Hinata blushed in embarrassment and twirled a lock of hair around her finger.

Sakura gave her a frank, matter-of-fact look. "Did you get hit in the chest? I could take a look," she offered, taking a step closer.

"No hitting, it was just... We've been doing a lot of tree-running recently."

Sakura tilted her head, not getting the hint that Hinata had thought obvious.

"And, um, well. It was a lot of jumping. And... bouncing. And my bras are good, but there are limits to..."

"--Oh." Sakura muttered under her breath, "Never had that problem," sounding vaguely envious.

Hinata hung her head. "So, it's nothing to worry about. It'll pass."

"Yeah, until tomorrow when you have to bounce up and down trees again," Sakura said dryly.

"Well... I just have to get used to it, I guess. I mean, it isn't like they will get any smaller anyway -- um. Sakura-san?"

Sakura had just stepped behind her and tugged Hinata's shirt up over her chest. Hinata eeped.

"It's not as if you'd gotten kicked, but it's still cumulative stress the tissues don't need," she informed Hinata, green-glowing hands coming around to hover by Hinata's ribs just under her breasts. "I'll see what I can do, okay?"

Blushing, Hinata lifted her arms out of the way as the green chakra seeped into her skin, evacuating tension and stress toxins she hadn't even been aware were piling up. Peering over Hinata's shoulder, Sakura slid her hands up, curving them, still not quite touching the skin.

"Hm, starting to develop micro-tears here. That's not good, Hinata-san. Have you tried bandages?"

"I have to pull them on really tight if I want them to do anything, and then it hurts -- ah."

Sakura tilted her head and regarded the stiffening nipple brushing against her palm with detached attention. Hinata's face caught on fire.

"... You know, if I want my chakra to penetrate all the way through, I only see one solution."

Sakura cupped Hinata's breasts from underneath, lifting them up. Hinata fought not to squirm.


"W-what is it?"

Sakura giggled suddenly, a grin breaking out of her professional expression. "Aheh, nothing, it's just that I never realized how heavy they were." She massaged them gently, chakra seeping deeper still. Hinata bit her lip. "I know my body type is supposedly more practical, but with a teacher like Tsunade-sama it's hard to really believe it, you know? I mean, she doesn't use a bra at all and until now I'd never realized how strange it really was."

"Well -- she's a great healer," Hinata said.

Sakura gave a little amused snort. "Yes, she'd have to be."

Hinata turned her head a little to offer Sakura a smile, and shivered when Sakura's breath ghosted across her lips. Sakura smiled back, and then glanced down, a little chagrined. Then she lifted Hinata's breasts again, pressing them together gently.

"... Do you mind if I pretend I actually have cleavage a little bit longer?"

Hinata closed her eyes. "... No, it's okay," she said, and leaned back against Sakura's slender body just a tiny bit.