Personally I don't think SasuHina would work without making at least one of them VERY ooc, but with a good plot and good writing, I can believe anything. There is one plot, though, that always gets on my nerves, not only because almost EVERY SasuHina fic uses it, but also because it Makes No Fucking Sense.

Yay for stabbing stupid cliches through the eye.

Not a SasuHina

"I'm afraid I must decline," Sasuke responds finally, voice dripping ice crystals.

The Hyuuga elder frowns at the kneeling young man in front of him, clad in a formal white and blue kimono. The old man doesn't like how openly he meets their eyes, how proudly he lifts his chin. The Uchiha is all but a powerless clan now, but Sasuke doesn't seem to realize it. "The contract was legal, signed by your clan head and three elders. All formalities are out of the way."

"As my own clan head, I must nullify this contract."

One of the other elders at his side draws back in offense. "You would insult us so?"

"You insult me by insisting that this sham be pushed through."

There is a collective hiss as the Hyuuga elders draw a shocked breath. "How dare you -- Hinata-sama is the very own daughter of our clan head--"

"Let's be frank. I don't know what my father was smoking when he accepted that contract. Maybe he thought sullying the purity of our line didn't matter since I wasn't about to inherit anything. In any case, I am not about to test what sort of probably useless mutation a mix of sharingan and byakugan will create."

He gets on his feet, bows perfunctorily, and turns away to leave, pausing with his hand on the sliding door.

"Besides, when this was supposedly signed, she was still the heir. You wouldn't have married her into another clan. If you want to get rid of your failure so badly, find another sucker."


Yes, Sasuke is a callous son of a bitch. I dare you to tell me it's OOC.