Birthday drabble for Sachi -- happy birthday, hon :3


"... Seriously, Sasuke, you could have tried harder. You did that just to annoy me!"

Sasuke glares, and crosses his arms, huffing with annoyance to chase a lock of hair away from his face. "No, YOU forced me to go through it just to annoy me -- and what's wrong with it, anyway?"

"As if you can't tell!" Naruto yells, and shapes a few hand seals quickly. "See, you did it all wrong!"

Sasuke's eyes cross and he leans back on the bed, grumbling. "Naruto, get out of my face."

"Not as long as you don't do it again -- and correctly this time!"

"What's WRONG with it anyway!" Sasuke finally yells back, shoving Naruto off him. "I can't SEE what's wrong, so tell me!"

"They're TINY, that's what's wrong!"

Sasuke's eyebrow twitches. Then he scowls. "You're badgering me because my stupid breasts are too small!"

"Well yeah! if it's to be just as flat-chested as when you're a boy, what's the point of using the sexy no jutsu?" Naruto asks, waving his arms for emphasis. Sasuke narrowly avoids getting knocked out by his bouncing breasts.

"The point is that you nagged me into being a girl, and I'm humoring you here, because in case it failed to escape your notice, I don't find this sexy in the least!"

"Oh, come on, you'd finally have a valid reason to wear lipstick and nailpolish -- OW!"

An offended growl. "I don't wear --"

"You so do! And you look like a little girlyboy too, with your pretty face and your eyeliner and -- oh, you're such a pretty little fag, Sasuke..."

"... fag yourself, you -- mmmh -- you... half-fag... moron..."

"Mhhhn... 's called being bi..."

"'s called being a perv -- god, do that again or i'll kill you!"

Chuckles. Moans. Whispers -- a scream.

"... So... will you be a girl for me again, Sasuke?"

Sasuke gives Naruto a long, pondering, unconvinced look, which would make Naruto squirm uncertainly if Sasuke wasn't still red, flushed and sweaty. "... Mmh... So long as you stay a man for me, I think we have a deal."