Another one from the kissing meme, where I asked people to give me a pairing and mood and I wrote them a kiss. Mikkeneko asked for "NaruHina, Distressed."


"Oh no -- Naruto-kun, get up, please -- get up!"

Hinata's hands fluttered nervously over the boy's chest. She thought he was still breathing, but she couldn't tell for sure; he was alive, his chakra still flowed -- she could see it -- but he'd cracked his head on the edge of the pool pretty hard, and that was before he slipped and disappeared underwater.

What should she do? She couldn't panic now. She'd learned CPR -- it wasn't hard. She still remembered how to. ...And at least her first kiss would still go to Naruto, in a way. A hand holding up her towel, she leaned down and turned her cheek to his lips, to try to feel his breath. She heard a funny little gasp, and his chest started ... And then went utterly still again.

"Naruto-kun!" Cheeks pale now with worry for him, she pressed her lips to Naruto's and exhaled.

And again. And again. Until she was dizzy, until he breathed on his own, until... until his hand was in her hair, and he was looking at her with soft eyes, and, oh, he was calling, "Hinata-chan," so softly...

Her sight blurred with tears of relief, and she kissed him again, properly this time. She'd been so scared.

Of course, she forgot to keep a good hold on her towel.

Then she had to administr CPR again, but by then she had the trick down and it didn't take her half as long to bring Naruto around again.


"Okay, okay, I'll tell you how it happened! So we were at the pool, when suddenly Hinata's swimsuit breaks a strap, and then THE RACK! It was divine, I swear, I thought I saw angels..."