For TheNinjaKitty, "Kankuro and Temari, make-up."


"Give me that violet crayon. No, not this one, that's purple."

The two siblings were sitting in front of a wide mirror, an array of makeup paraphernalia spread on the tablet.

"Purple, violet. You think I know the difference?"

Temari rolled her eyes at Kankuro.

"You should, violet is several shades darker."

"Then why didn't you say 'dark purple'?"

Kankuro snorted, cynical.

"Okay. Find me the dark purple one. No, this one's plum. That one's more eggplant."

"Eggplant is a recognized shade now?"

"You'd rather have the fancy word on the label?"

"Oh, shut up and close your eyes. I'm going to apply it now."

"... You know, I can do it myself. Probably a lot better, too."

"Hey! You were the one who wanted to teach me about make-up."

"You were the one who suggested we find something to bond over, and we already did the cleaning-weapons-in-tandem schtick."

"... Shut up. Close your eyes. Close your mouth. Else I swear I'll draw purple butterflies on your forehead."

Grumbling, Kankuro closed his eyes, and let his sister experiment with his make-up. He just hoped she wouldn't crush the edge of his magenta lipliner beyond repair.