Another one from the kissing meme, where I asked people to give me a pairing and mood and I wrote them a kiss. Meritjubet asked for "Itachi/Sai, buzzed." ... So you see, it's not my fault. XD
Warnings for creepiness and use of Japanese.


The other members of Akatsuki often asked the same questions when they entered the common room and saw him sitting there, smiling as friendly as he could. "Who is he?" "What is he doing here?" "No, I mean, what is he doing here?"

"Sai," "Konoha's Danzou's envoy" and "Because at least like this I'm sure he's not sneaking around" were the laconic answers from the man they called Pain. In a couple of cases, he even added "Why? Are you so worried about his abilities that you think he could take you down if you had even just one glass?"

Uchiha Itachi didn't ask any of that. He went straight for his glass, drank it down, held it out for a refill, and then spent two minutes staring fixedly at Sai.

Sai kept smiling like a pretty doll.

"You look like my brother," Itachi remarked emotionlessly.

"Oh, really?" Sai replied, with as much emotion as he put behind everything else.

Itachi emptied his glass, got a second refill, and asked Sai his first and only question.

"Do you want to have sex?"

Sai considered it. Danzou-sama had told him to make himself useful and agreeable if he didn't want to die. "Of course." A smile.

He followed Itachi out of the room, two steps behind, quiet and amenable, and asked his first question of the evening, because it was a mission parameter he needed and he didn't want to do it wrong.

"Should I call you aniki?"

Itachi stopped walking right there in the middle of the corridor; Sai didn't have any time to draw out a weapon before his back hit the wall. And then there was a mouth on his, so bruisingly hard it might have been an attack after all.

"Niisan." Itachi's voice was soft like the whisper of a snake through the grass. "Call me niisan."