Crossed Wires

for trishalynn:

Naruto : Boredom

Naruto usually takes his showers in the evening, before going to bed -- there's no use showering in the morning and then going to play all day with motors and gyros and other rusty, greasy things. Sometimes, though...

He leaves the shower stall, ears drooping, tail dripping, and wrings some of the water out of his tail. Stupid fur retains water all too well. His towel is still damp from yesterday, but it's sunny outside; he'll air-dry.

He gets back into his pants, buckles the belt over his tail and trudges out, sighing. He still has that little grasscutter-bot to fix, and then a car to soup up. Boooring. He doesn't really want to.

It's not really that it pays the bills -- he could afford not to work for a couple of days a week, because some of his big jobs really do pay well and he's got his savings, but he needs stuff to do. But stuff that boring, eh, sometimes he thinks that the loss of reputation would be worth the increased free time to look for more challenging stuff.

He knows he's not smart in a conventional way, but he understands machines, and they understand him. He can feel them.

... There isn't much to feel in a grasscutter. Maybe if he added lasers and a switchblade and some kind of voice activation system, then it could defend itself against thieves or something. And serve tea. Yeah.

The thing is, his life has no purpose. Not anymore. The only thing he has left to do is find interesting stuff to do to tide him over until tomorrow. Interesting people to talk to -- but Sakura and Tsunade are buried under burn victims at the moment, Iruka is at school, and Shika and Chouji are being responsible and working on... whatever. He's on his own.

So... being responsible would be the right thing to do. It isn't like there's really anything else on his list right now; his other current project is even more boring.

He stares at the gutted, oil-covered bot for a long time, and then he pads off past it, outside in the sun, between the piles of rusted metal of his yard, his tail leaving a trail of drops in the dust as he looks for a rusted challenge. Perhaps in his piles of aging treasures will be something that needs to be reinvented.