Theme 9 for the ThirtyForThree community on LiveJournal, Talking over Distance.
Pairing: NaruSasuSaku.
Warning: implied perviness.

Talking Over Distance

Routine surveillance missions are boring, especially without a Naruto to distract you from your task.

Sasuke is tucked comfortably in the crook of a branch, hidden in the leaves. He keeps watch. The earbuds crackles in his ears; he taps the mike, snug against his throat. "Report, Sakura."

She whispers back; "nothing to -- oh. Naruto just arrived."

Paper crinkles as she reads the mission outline Sasuke sent through the blond in silence.

"Hm. Let me think a minute."

Naruto chuckles, whispers something that Sasuke can't entirely make out. There might be the word "help" somewhere in it.

She moves suddenly, "hey--", and Naruto -- of all people -- shushes her.

Sasuke shifts into a more comfortable position and whispers sternly in the receiver. "Sakura. Report. Describe."

He listens intently as her words tells him everything about topography, enemy hideouts, paths to watch, and her hitching breath tells him everything about the rough fingers digging in her thighs and the blond locks caressing her belly.

Routine surveillance missions are boring, but there are ways to fix that.