For Mischief Maker: Karin/Sasuke, frustrated.


Karin dropped little kisses all over his neck, up and down and up again, nibbling and licking. Sasuke was statue-still, expression remote and displeased.

"Karin. Get off."

"I'm trying to!" she whined.

Her hands were starting to inch up his shirt. He caught her wrists, held them away, but she only shivered in renewed arousal and used her natural bendiness to press herself close. It strained her joints to the edge of pain, but that was fine with her.

"How many times do I have to tell you no before it sticks?"

Damn. She needed to switch tracks on the conversation right now. "I thought you were supposed to take care of us! You're our leader, right?"

Sasuke blinked slowly, disbelieving. "It's not like intercourse is necessary to your survival."

Karin hung her head and bit her lip. "... Actually..."

"... You're joking," he said flatly.

Karin stilled in his hold, though she kept putting her weight on her wrists so the muscles in her shoulders burned deliciously. "You remember how I heal people?"

"By absorbing your chakra via biting. How is that relevant to your need to have sex with me?"

She shivered at the memory of how good that particular pain felt. "It's not biting that does it. It's mingling our chakra fields, via putting a part of your body inside mine."

Sasuke gave her an incredulous look, annoyed. "So you could fuck me back to health. Great. I'm not injured."

Karin's eyes glazed over at the thought. Argh! She needed to concentrate on the here and now. Her fantasy blood-soaked Sasuke could wait. She lowered her head, like sharing a secret she had been trying to keep. "You don't get it, I need to get chakra from somewhere! I've been using a lot recently, and I just... Well, I can't make it up on my own. Sasuke, my body is starving. Literally."

He frowned, then, and she could see he was starting to believe her. She leaned closer, a pleading, vulnerable look on her face.

"... So you're... A kind of chakra vampire?"

"Well -- I suppose. Actually -- it's closer to succubus." Sasuke's eyelid twitched at the word, and she could see he was a little bothered. She did her best to look hungry and not horny. "Though I guess it would also work if you cut me open and put your hand--"


She was a little disappointed, to be frank; healing afterwards would be a pain, but there was something exceedingly intimate about someone's fingers on your inner organs.

Sasuke sighed loudly, pushed her off, and... let her wrists go, freeing her. "Alright."


"Juugo! Come here."

And as she blinked in shock, in the middle of reaching for him, Sasuke arched an eyebrow at her. "He has a lot more chakra to spare than I do."

"Wha -- hey -- no!"

"You're starving, aren't you? " Sasuke said, implacable and not half as fooled as she had thought.

Karin hung her head. Well damn. "...Nevermind."