Baby Meme!

For Mya in Ab, who asked for "Udon/Moegi - bus, frustration".


"Crowded as it is, it is extremely unlikely that there's somewhere a toddler can hide that we absolutely can't see," said Udon. "We'll just need to ask people to move their luggage a little." He was trying to reassure himself, Moegi could see.

They'd crossed the whole bus twice already. Parting the sea was easier than parting squished-together people, who grumbled every time they had to shift their bags or lean to the side to let someone through, and she didn't count the number of feet she'd trod on. Of course no adult person could really see what was going on at knee-height in that press, so for all they knew Sobami-chan was hiding somewhere under a seat.

"Alright," Moegi decided, drawing herself up. "Udon, search pattern seven!"

It was the one they'd perfected as genins. The one for small, quick target that tended to draw blood when caught.

In the end, they found Sobami exactly where they would have found Tora. On the roof, watching pigeons fly by.