Baby Meme!

For Sarolynne, who asked for "Naru/Ino, Bed".


"It's time to sleep!"

Those brats were jumping on the bed again. She scowled and went to their door and knocked, TAKTAKTAK.

"Hey! It's late. Stop it. I'm tired of having to tell the neighbors I'm sorry."

All movement ceased. A sheepish "Um, sorry?" rose from the bedroom. She huffed, blowing long blond bangs away from her nose. She didn't believe him one minute.

"Anyway, there's school tomorrow early, so cut it out, okay?"

The door cracked open. A blonde head popped out, still laughing.

Then a hand ruffled her hair. "We'll be here in a minute to say goodnight, Inoe-chan. Did you wash your teeth and everything?"

"Did YOU wash your teeth and everything?" Inoe countered, pushing her glasses up her nose so she could glower through them. "No? I thought not."

Grumbling under her breath, Inoe stomped back up the corridor. God, her parents were so irresponsible. She couldn't wait to graduate out of the Academy and into a team, so she could be around actually mature people.