In response to a challenge, "Write 10 different categories of fic, in as few words as possible."

Ten Genres, Naruto/Sasuke style

1. Angst:

"You -- I'm... sorry but -- you're like my brother, I never thought of you like that."

2. AU:

"Because I'm the enforcer of the Konoha pack, asshole!"
A growl rising in his throat, Sasuke starts circling the other alpha, body tense, black fur bristled. "Yeah? Not for long."

3. Crack:

"... but what do you mean you've always been a girl? You can't be a girl, you're my RIVAL!"
As Yamato cringed, Sasuke and Sakura declared a temporary alliance to fix that little misconception.

4. Crossover:

"My, my, Honored Grandfather," Kurama purred; "Whatever happened to you?"
Naruto blinked at the pretty redhead in confused interest. "Do I know you?"

5. First Time:

After their accidental kiss Sasuke checked his mouth for wobbly teeth, in case Naruto had knocked one loose. There weren't any, but there was a bruised area on the inside of his lower lip.
He kept tonguing it at odd times until it healed.

6. Fluff:

Sasuke gave a half-awake grunt and frowned blearily at his boyfriend. "If I buy you a duck plushie, will you leave my hair alone?"
Naruto pretended to think about it. "Hmm... Nope." He started petting the back of Sasuke's head again. "You're the only duckbutt I'll ever want. At least in bed. -- Ow."

7. Humor:

"Stop laughing."
-pfft.- "I'm not."
"Yeah right. I'll punch you if that smile gets any wider!"
"Oh, don't damage your magnificent leaves on my behalf, dandelion-san."
Naruto tugged at the edge of his crown of fake petals and kicked Sasuke with a root-like shoe. "Yeah, laugh it up, Prince Dickhead. I'm not the one with the onstage kiss."

8. Hurt/Comfort:

Sasuke stared down at their linked hands, slick with blood, caught in a white-knuckled grip around each other. The canyon still yawned beneath them, but the ledge was sturdy.
"You can let go now," Sasuke said. He was trying for dry; it came out toneless.
Naruto closed his eyes. "I will if you will."
Neither of them did.

9. Smut:

They can't come to an agreement. So their first time is on the training field where their tenth spar ended in a draw.
Rough bark bites into Naruto's shoulder blades as Sasuke moves between his thighs. It takes him five thrusts before he gets used to it and can concentrate enough to finish the hand seal he's shaping around Sasuke's back.
His twin joins them, mouthing Sasuke's seal as Naruto tugs on Sasuke's head to pull their mouths together, filling him like Sasuke fills Naruto.
The clone explodes when he comes, and Sasuke laughs rough and mean in his neck and whispers things about Naruto's endurance.
He sings another tune after Naruto's tenth Bunshin has had his turn.

10. UST:

"...Since when does he wear kimono anyway, huh Sakura-chan?"
"Ehh. It's not a bad look on him."
"It's indecent! It's -- I saw a nipple!"
Sakura perked up, delighted. "So you did? Lucky. They're nice nipples, aren't they?"
"I guess they're not b- SAKURA-CHAAAN!"