NaruSasu Alternate Universes

The original ficlet was written to stand alone, but during a meme I was prompted for more. Okay then. Warning, I'm an evil tease.
This particular little 'verse was heavily inspired of a roleplay I was doing with Sarolynne.<3

urban fantasy - vampire version

"So... What brings someone like you to a place like this?"

The pretty boy stares at him for a brief second, like he can't believe someone like Naruto dared to talk to him. Yeah, Naruto knows he doesn't exactly fit the mood of the dance club. Everyone's in black, or dark blue, or silver. Flowing laced-up shirts and corsets abound, and leather pants. He's the only one wearing too-large orange jeans and a mesh shirt. Like he gives a fuck. Let's just see anyone kick him out!

"What brings anyone?" the boy retorts with a disdainful snort, and starts turning away.

"Looking for a vamp?" Naruto asks, amused.

The boy gives him a longer look then, eyes narrowed. Naruto bets it's not the question most people ask him first. Naruto can see a bunch of newbies in a corner whispering 'is he...?' as they watch that too-beautiful, pale-skinned face.

Pretty-boy is really pretty with his sleeveless turtleneck clingy top, though. Really, really pretty. Got the haughty, standoffish attitude to make a newcomer wonder which side of the food chain he's on, too.

The way that collar molds itself to his throat, hiding the pale skin and yet following every curve, it's such a tease. It's like he's saying 'as if I would show my vampire marks to you, you bunch of wannabes.'

He's not marked.

Not yet. But soon.

"What's it to you?" he asks. He's suspicious now. Naruto likes it better than dismissive.

He moves closer, already purring, and he grins his white, toothy grin. "Oh, 'cause that could be arranged."



Uzumaki Naruto was the least vampirelike vampire Sasuke had ever met. That he was an Old One was even more mind-boggling. His only vampire trait was his possessiveness -- he was irritating instead of awe-inspiring, goofy when he should have been mysterious, understanding when he should have been contemptuous.

"Turn me," Sasuke said anyway, because there was no one else he could ask.

Naruto laughed in his face.


Naruto introspection

Naruto has a type. He knows that.

What they have in common?

They're fucked up.

Life fucked them over and they're hurting and angry and lashing out, barricading themselves to keep people at bay, to keep themselves at bay. He always wants to help them. He always wants to save them.

He finds Gaara in a village much like Naruto's own, back when he was human, and a peasant, and the fatherless son of a whore. He changes Gaara, so he can escape, the way Naruto did.

Gaara goes back, and kills them all. Naruto puts him down -- his responsibility.

Three centuries alone and he can't stand it anymore. He finds Neji in an inner garden, beautiful like a painting save from the disgusting scar tissue where his eyes used to be. He thought he'd make a better clan heir than the leader's choice would. They took him down a peg. Hell, the whole way down the ladder.

He doesn't let Neji out of his sight until all the people he used to know are dead of old age. By then he's used to his vampire senses enough that it's almost like he was never blinded. Neji lives. Neji stays. Saved? Naruto isn't sure. He'll always have that mask of scars. He'll never have been tested with that particular temptation.

Naruto finds Sai when Sai attacks him -- vampire hunter. Brainwashed into it. He gives him a choice. Sai says "change me", and then goes and throws himself on his ex-leader's silver cross so Naruto will live. He didn't want to live anyway. He just wanted to feel. Some might say he was saved but to Naruto it's still a failure.

Now there's Sasuke, who is terrified of vampires and who keeps bleeding himself in front of Naruto, tempting him, challenging him, asking and asking, and he doesn't want to live; he just wants to kill, and after that he doesn't care.

He's just Naruto's type. Naruto knows better. He really does. Really.