NaruSasu Alternate Universes

born another gender

Naruto kinda hates Uchiha.

Popular and well-loved and not giving a shit about any of it. Superior, cold, disdainful, refusing to accept him as an equal. And that friggin cheat mode of a sharingan!

But Satsuki has the most gorgeous face, even more gorgeous than Sakura, and when she whips her head around, her long wild mane swings around her hips and then it gets really hard not to notice her butt. Like... really hard. In his pants.

So he kinda hates her. And he kinda hates that he can't stop looking, that he can't stop wanting her to start hating him, because hate is so much better than that frozen indifference. To her, he's just one of those boys, and Uchiha Satsuki doesn't give a damn about boys, she doesn't even so much as despise them; she's written them all off.

He wants her to be his rival. But when his classmates notice his interest, they laugh at him. So he says he just wants her to be his girlfriend - they still laugh like he's stupid, but at least not like he's not a real man on top of it. He'd have to be ball-less to think a girl can be something to aspire to, right?

The girlfriend thing is even a tiny little bit true, but it's not even a tenth of it. He just wants her to see him, see his power, see his drive, recognize him - just the way she wants them all to recognize her.

But they all look at her pretty doll face and her tits, and they start pitying and coddling and trying to dull her razor edges, and he hates them more than he's ever hated Satsuki.