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Cuteness, not pr0n. Alas.


"Aw, come on, it's not my fault it rained!"

Sasuke glared and started grooming water out of his fur again. His mane was drenched, sticking to his neck. "It's your fault we were out in it," he declared, and turned his back pointedly.

Naruto snorted, brows furrowed, ears hanging low. "Like you didn't want to fight as much as I did."

Sasuke ignored him, though the tip of his tufted tail curled and tapped the ground. Naruto tried very hard not to pounce on it. The wolf-fox-mutt sighed, looking out at the rain falling in sheets behind the little cave's overhang, and attempted to wring water out of his fluffy tail.

Cold drafts. Brrrr. He waited for a whole, oh, at least a minute before inching closer to Sasuke.

Another quick glare over a shoulder. Naruto paused for a second, and then, to hell with it, he flopped against Sasuke's side, bringing the cat down with him, and he cuddled up. Hah.

Mm, so warm.

Sasuke hissed at him. Naruto snorted and burrowed against his side. Since Naruto's ears weren't full of holes yet, he wasn't going to take it seriously. Lions or tigers or housecats, all cats were just weird like that, saying 'maybe' when they mean 'yes' and 'no' when they mean 'maybe', and clawing people when they really mean 'no'. Also, they were always right even when they were wrong, and everyone else was wrong even when they were right. But Naruto was on to him now!

Sasuke's tail lashed against Naruto's legs. "Annoying," he complained - but still no claws, and that spoke louder than mere words. He moved around for a minute, but Naruto stubbornly refused to move off. After a while Sasuke settled down, though he was ignoring him all loud and 'look at me not looking at you'. Naruto snickered. He hated the cold so much more than Naruto did.

Naruto grinned and sniffed at his chest a little. It was a rare time when he could do that without getting his face scratched off. Sniff, sniff. So weird. Not a scent he just instinctively got, like, say, Kiba's. Full of strange accents and understated spice and things he had to learn how to read. So interesting. His nose brushed against the lion's shoulder, his collarbone, twitching, letting out little puffs of breath and taking in another lungful of cat scent after another.

Then he paused, blinking. Cat talk was really weird - who heard of wagging your tail when you were angry, seriously - but this... "... Is that a purr?"

There was a long moment of total silence. Naruto tilted his head. Sasuke was staring a hole through his skull, and he wasn't answering. At all.

So Naruto prodded him with a clawed toe. "No, really, is itYIP OWW."

"It's a growl."