NaruSasu Alternate Universes


"No. You did not see that." Sasuke says, a low-voiced, barely contained threat, as he grips the man's collar with both hands and keeps him pinned against the wall. Actually, one hand and one gun.

The man snarls back, blue eyes blazing in the middle of soot-stained skin. "Yes I fucking did! No one got out of that, you hear me? No one!"

"You're lying!"

"You think I WANT to tell you someone burned alive?!" the firefighter yells back, big gloved hand snatching Sasuke's collar right back and shoving him against the other side of the narrow alley. There's something raw in his voice that's not all smoke. Guilt. Grief.

Sasuke starts shaking his head.

"Man... You're a cop, yeah? You know they surrounded the whole block. If he'd gotten out..."

Sasuke's clean uniform is getting all sooty. He can't manage to care. "... You're wrong."

The firefighter shakes his head slowly, anger draining out to leave only sorrow and horrible sympathy.

"You're wrong. He's not dead. He's not dead, he can't be dead, I was supposed to ARREST him, that was why - why he sent messages at the bullpen, he wanted me to catch him! It was someone else, you saw someone else-"

He's vaguely aware he's screaming. He still has his gun in hand. The firefighter curls his fingers around his hand slowly, cautiously, and he guides it down, aiming the barrel at the ground. His other hand leaves Sasuke's collar to cup his cheek.

"I saw his face," he says simply. "Now I see yours. There's no mistake."

His thumb rubs Sasuke's cheek. Something wet leaves a smear.

Sasuke can only repeat, "he can't be dead, I didn't send him to prison yet," again and again until the man presses his face in his smoke-scented shoulder and hugs him and then he can't speak at all.